Step 7

Moving Day

Even though moving from a family home can be sad because you are leaving a home that you likely had lots of good memories in, it is always exciting to start that next chapter. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Moving Checklist: It is always a good idea to make a list of things that you should make sure are done prior to the closing date. Be sure to cancel utility services. If using a moving company you should confirm the booking so there will be no delays.

Label All Packing Boxes: It will help when unpacking at the new home if you label the boxes clearly. It is always a good idea to even label what room they are to go in. It will save you time running around looking for specific boxes.

Update your new address with key contacts: Canada Post, doctors, friends, schools, pharmacy, etc. It is worth paying for an auto forward on all Canada Post mail. This will allow you to see who is mailing you at your old address and give you extra time to update them.

If you have children, include them in the move and remember change can be very overwhelming. Try and make it exciting for them! Family pet(s) will be overwhelmed as well. It is recommended to maybe have someone babysit the family pet(s) during the actual move so they don’t happen to get out when it is most likely the doors will be open most of the day.

Congratulations! Your home is sold and you are off to start the next chapter!