Judy and Sean

To Anyone Interested In Working With The Best!

From the first show you watch on TV about home buying to your first open house you will discover Real Estate is a world dominated by agents.  Many people seem to get the idea that this is an easy job with big commissions.  This perception has even lead some people to try to do it themselves.

In reality agents are good and bad like any profession and likely more bad.  Many agents have jumped into the game based on the same concept of easy money. If you are checking references you probably, like us, have met more than your share of those.  Most agents we have met wouldn’t make it selling cars or televisions.  So why on earth would we want to pay one?

Here’s the rub.

Real estate is actually more a battle than a business.  Doing it yourself is like going unarmed and a poor agent is just as bad.  Terry and Sheri are the equivalent of having a commando team protecting and fighting for you.  They take their business seriously and are better prepared at all times.  They will out research and out negotiate the other side every time.  Even when put in a position of thinking on their feet they will ask the right questions and get the right answers.  We knew more about the house than the listing agents and even the home inspection showed no surprises Terry hadn’t already caught.  They are just that good.

Some agents may not be worth their commissions.  I have to say in all honesty I really believed that was always the case.  Terry and Sheri proved me wrong.  The advantage they provided having them on our side proved well worth it.  I would and have highly recommended them to others looking to win the real estate battle with fewer bruises .  If you have any questions about our experience feel free to contact me

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