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Terry, Sheri and Joy of Team Beckett are my real estate heroes…

I first approached Team Beckett 3 years ago with the intention of selling my investment property in Woodstock. Terry prepared a detailed analysis of the property and based on market conditions, advised me to hold off on selling the property.  Early this year, Sheri contacted me and we went through the property valuation process again.  In this current market, it had become a much more favourable time to sell, so with a bit of luck and Team Beckett on my side, my property was sold with a much better outcome than I had ever expected…

Why are Terry, Sheri and Joy my real estate heroes?

·        Good advice: From the decision of when to sell, to which improvements should be done to add value to the property, I felt that Terry had my best interests at heart.

·        Communication: Sheri did a fantastic job of following up with me and keeping me updated throughout the entire process. She was super-efficient at scheduling viewings of the property, coordinating with my tenant and other agents and their prospective buyers.

·        Knowledge and experience: Terry and Joy have great depth of real estate experience and knowledge, and I appreciated the time they took to make sure I understood the marketing strategy and details of the legal process.

·        Value: I considered selling privately to save the real estate commission, but since I live a distance away from the property, I decided to work with an agent. I’m so glad I did. Team Beckett exceeded all my expectations, and resulted in a much better outcome than I could have achieved selling on my own. Terry, Sheri and Joy each have their own individual strengths; combined together, they make an impeccable team. Words can’t express how thankful I am to have worked with them.




We love this place and are very happy here.

We are very happy with the job you did for us, you found us our perfect house even when we changed our mind on location a million times. This house feels like home and we are so glad you found it for us. Thanks for all your help, Team Beckett is great!!!!!!

Alex and Candy

Alex and Candy


When my husband and I had decided to buy a home we had looked into real estate agents in our city and had decided to work with Sheri Beckett, Terry Beckett and Joy Paul of Team Beckett. We chose to work with them because they had years of experience, they were very friendly and easy to talk to. We thought they could find us our perfect home.

My husband and I knew what we wanted in a home so we were very picky when we would view any house. And since this was the first time either me or my husband had looked at homes we always had a lot of questions. Sheri, Terry and Joy were so great with all of this. They would answer every one of our questions, always getting back to us very quickly and they would welcome any question we had. When going with us to view homes they were so patient when we turned down house after house. They went extremely above and beyond all of our expectations. They also helped us better understand the process of buying a home and everything involved in what that entailed. When there was anything we didn’t understand they would explain it until we were completely confident in what they were informing us of. When they took us to look at a home they would walk through it with us taking notes and making sure they informed us of the positive aspects of every home but also the flaws they could find that would end up costing us money and time to fix so that when we went to put an offer on a home we would be confident in which home we decided we want as ours.

Team Beckett really made us feel like we were their number one client even though they were working with a lot of other buyers and sellers. Now after 4 months of looking for a home we have found one we love and it’s now ours. Team Beckett was exceptional in the process of helping us put in an offer on this home and getting our offer accepted on a price and terms we were comfortable and confident on. When they say they have your best interest at heart they really mean that. Our first offer was accepted right away and we were thrilled. We found a home that has everything we wanted and we have that now because of the amazing work Sheri, Terry and Joy did for us. We are truly grateful and if we ever need to buy or sell a home we will definitely be going back to Team Beckett.

Crystal and Joseph

Crystal and Joseph


Thank you is truly not enough!

Thank you Team Beckett so much for finding me a house to call home! Thank you for having patience with me, for guiding me in the right direction & for all your works of advise & encouragement!  I truly do not believe I would be where I am if it wasn’t for you!

Kendra & Kinston

Kendra & Kinston


I found Terry to be very knowledgeable with regards to not only the purchasing process but also with regards to aspects of the property maintenance and details in a house that have to be looked for… that I feel alot of other Realtors would over look. Things such as surface cracking in the foundation, property grading and etcetera. Being from a technical background I appreciated this approach. As for dealing with the administrative and follow up. I found Sheri and Joy to be accommodating during the paper work process and responded promptly to communications and or any questions I had. I would recommend Teambeckett services to anyone looking to buy or sell.




Having dealt with Sheri Beckett on a number of non-real estate matters, I approached her for a leasing broker referral, only to find she was willing to be one for me herself!  What luck!  A true professional and well-seasoned broker, with personality and customer consideration to spare, it became a pleasant education to watch her work her craft.  Even prior to initial discussions, Sheri did her market research for comparables and recommended a fair market rent based on her research.  Accompanied by another team member, Joy, measurements were taken, photos captured, a property description composed for review and rental terms discussed.  Sheri then proceeded to place the agreed listing in various online markets and social media.  She’s highly technically skilled at this increasingly critical networking.  It was a relief to have her do all the prospective tenant credit and reference screening and put forth those passing muster.  Showings arranged, terms agreed, lease written, signed, sealed, and delivered!!!  A first class transaction from a first class brokerage. 

Heartily recommended




Our overall experience with Team Beckett was beyond our expectations! We dealt with all three members of the team at different times and found everyone to be very responsive and willing to help with any requests. We were always able to reach the team directly and receive quick responses to any questions or concerns we had. We found the team to be very knowledgeable and professional and would not hesitate to work with Team Beckett in the future! Great job!      Roger



Terry & Sheri (Team Beckett)were amazing! They helped us sell our old home, and find a new home. They were honest, trust worthy & very caring. We will use them again in the future if we ever need to buy/sell.

“A huge Thank you to Sheri and Terry Beckett (Team Beckett) for selling our home so quickly.  You made our experience of buying our first home and selling our first home very easy and stress free.  We appreciate your professional and sound advice.  We would highly recommend you both to our family and friends looking to buy and/or sell property.”

I would like to take some time to write down how very pleased my husband and I are with the professional, knowledgeable and caring service we have received from both Terry and Sheri Beckett (Team Beckett).  I hope you take the time to read this and make the choice to have these great people take care of your real estate needs.

We had not yet committed to a particular real estate agent when we met Terry in the Woodstock area.  We were living in Kitchener and wanted to purchase a rural property.  My husband is an injured veteran, dealing with multiple disabilities after being injured on duty.  It was our goal to pursue a quiet life in the country.  Our search zone was an hour radius of Kitchener.  After viewing the property Terry was showing,  we instantly decided that that particular property was not for us and as with other properties we had seen, we were ready to say goodbye to the agent.  However, Terry spent a great deal of time with us, explaining the hobby farm market and during the conversation; it became

abundantly clear we needed this person to work with us.  His knowledge of the market we were in was extensive.

So, the search began.  We travelled our radius looking for our dream house and Terry was there all the way.  Giving good supportive advice and sharing so much of his expertise.  Although we hadn’t met Sheri yet, we knew she was there taking care of all the arrangements we were making.

We finally found our dream home and had just one more goal to accomplish.  We now had to sell the house in Kitchener that was co-owned with a previous partner.  It cannot be understated how complicated this situation could have become without BOTH Terry and Sheri’s professionalism.  They managed all parties with the utmost respect thus ensuring a smooth transaction.  I hope Terry and Sheri are proud that they sold a house in a different city, for more than the asking price in just TWO DAYS!!  All this while settling the many details associated with our new hobby farm.

As if we were not already happy enough, when our Lawyer in Kitchener went out of her way on two occasions to tell us that our agents were among the “best she had ever worked with”.  She said they were “completely on top of everything making her job much easier”.

Along the way, through a time that was exciting, stressful, busy and emotional, Terry and Sheri were our rock.  They were warm, funny, firm and all the things that you require during the roller coaster that is real estate.

I know making the choice for a real estate agent can be difficult.  People often go with a friend of friend or some other similar choice.  This time, go for the team that we are so happy to have worked with.  Please take our word for it when we say that this team will work for you.  We couldn’t be happier!!

Julie Coulson and Herb Smith


Team Beckett, Thank you so much for taking GREAT care of my Aunt! I hope we can do business again Soon!

All the best



Terry and Sheri,

We would like to thank you for your help in selling and buying a house.

We have tasked you with a challenge, listing our house in slow times (December), asking for the maximum dollars and a quick sell.  Before signing listing with you we wanted to see a detailed marketing plan to evaluate how you are going to accomplish that.

The marketing plan provided by you was very professional, give us reassurance that you utilize many tools to reach to potential buyers and that you really know the market/ buyers and sellers and how to overcome challenges.

We have asked multiple agents to do the same for us in hopes to select the best person for the job.  It was “Team Beckett” without a doubt once we have reviewed your proposed approach.  Your marketing strategy was way above other plans that have been presented.  Once executed, results came quicker than expected.  You have helped us sell the house in 20 days for 98% of our listing price.

Once we had a solid offer on our house, we needed to secure a place to move to rather quickly.  It was again a challenging task, since we were getting very close to Christmas holidays.  Here again, you have exceeded our expectations.   Your organizational skills have optimized our trips to see new homes.   At this time, we had seen how both of you work as a team to provide best service for your clients.  All of the appointments, follow up questions and feedback were executed very quickly and professionally.   Terry, during visits to the prospective homes, you have pointed out features, items and conditions that we have not even considered, showing us that you have a wealth of expertise and knowledge that can prevent buyers from making a costly mistake.    Again, we had fantastic experience buying a home with your help and we are very grateful to have two great professionals looking after our best interests.

We were skeptical going in to the process of selling and buying having many “not so great” experiences with real estate people in the past.  You have showed us that selecting best people for the job makes a world of difference in the end.  Please feel free to use our names in the future to attest for the great service you have provided us with.

Thank you again for the great experience and for looking after us.

Harry and Beata

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