Step 1

Making the Decision to Sell

Everyone has their reasons for deciding to sell. Ultimately all home owners have the same common desire and that is to get as much money for their home as they can. Here are a few things that you should consider:

Curb Appeal: Homes with great curb appeal tend to take less time sell and can command higher prices. The way your home looks from the street is the key. Some suggestions are having a well-maintained and manicured lawn, low maintenance but flattering landscaping with some brightly coloured flowers, fresh paint around windows and doors, re-stain the deck and fence and tidy up the garage. The home should look just as appealing at night as it does in the daytime.

Renovations/Staging: This can be simple stuff such as a fresh coat of paint on the walls, new hardware on cupboards and door knobs to replacing light fixtures, bathroom vanity, toilets, and/or flooring. Some agent’s may recommend you hire a professional stager to give advice on what needs to be done and to get your home ready for the market. Every neighbourhood’s market share is different so you don’t want to over-improve your home. It is crucial to know what your home would be worth before you invest in renovations or staging suggestions.

Remove “Personal”: It is recommended to remove personal momentos in the home ie: family pictures, collector items, etc. You want the buyer to feel “at home” when they view the home. You want them to envision themselves living there.

Home Inspection: Having a deal fall thru due to unexpected surprises can be very upsetting. Most buyers will make their offer of purchase and sale conditional on a home inspection. Be pro-active and order a home inspection prior to putting your home on the market. This report can be readily available during showings/open houses.