Step 5

Receiving An Offer Of Purchase And Sale

Not all offers are the same. Your agent will explain the entire offer, conditions, inclusions and exclusions. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Understanding The Terms: There is more to an offer than just price and closing date. Some offers can be “firm” with no conditions, meaning they want to buy the home as is. Some offers can be “conditional” with conditions, inclusions, exclusions and sometimes even conditional on the buyer selling their home.

Negotiate/Accept or Decline: Be sure to look at all conditions and inclusions. The buyer may want something that was not listed in the listing and you might not want that included in the sale of your home. You have the right to omit things, amend things and even add things. All of these contingencies influence what the true offer really is. Your Sutton Preferred agent will advise you through the entire process and help you decide if you if you should accept, decline or counter the offer back to the buyer.

Multiple Offers: It is possible to receive more than one offer at the same time on your property. You will then have to opportunity to review all offers and decide which offer best suits you.

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